Ways To Join Metal

There are many ways of joining metal for engineering purposes. It is the function, strength and quality of the product that will determine what method is best suited for the task. Below are three of the most popular.


Welding is a common joining technique, used to join two metals together by melting and cooling both materials directly. In oxy-acetylene welding a very hot flame is used. In electric arc welding a spark is used to heat the metal. In both processes a filler rod may be used to improve the strength of the join.


Soldering is different to welding in that a secondary ‘solder’ is used to join the metals together. The solder has a lower melting point than the materials being joined, so it is melted on top the the initial material and cools solid to complete the joint.


Rivets are solid mechanical fasteners that join materials together by being inserted through both materials directly.