Using Laser Safety Viewing Windows on Manufacturing Lines

It’s often the case that a manufacturing line makes use of various different laser tools. Lasers, while precise and accurate are powerful machines and require the right safety mechanisms to comply with regulations. Laser safety viewing windows are one such way of ensuring a laser is protected against to a high standard.

Laser safety viewing windows are intended to provide a high level of protection for workers using the laser, as well as those around it. They are excellent for use in small enclosures as well as inside walls, glove boxes and standard glass windows. Laser viewing windows are available in several different materials, each suited for different purposes.

Depending on the type of laser that is used, a certain material will be best suited. For example, acrylic laser safety windows provide protection from most class 3r, 3b, and 4 laser systems, it is durable and wont shatter on impact. Glass provides a high level of visibility and also provides protection from 3r, 3b, and 4 model lasers.