Top tips for helping to keep your factory safe and healthy

Keeping your factory clean, safe and tidy is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Not just from management, but every member of staff must play their part, and here are a few of our top tips for helping you maintain a safe environment.

  • Use suitable work equipment.
  • Inspect and maintain.
  • Pay attention to housekeeping.
  • Store flammables safely.
  • Maintain good lighting.
  • Work at height – avoid, prevent mitigate.
  • Lift Safely.
  • PPE.

But most significantly … be aware!

This is probably the foremost important measure that must be taken to make sure you deliver maximum security for your factory workers. Communicate safety regulations and guidelines to all or any the workers of the factory – even office staff. Ensure they understand the seriousness of not using safety equipment and the ramifications. 

Also, educate them about the right method of using tools and operating machinery. All factory workers must receive regular training regarding the correct use of machinery and tools to stay updated. This is often especially important for brand spanking new factory workers or new machinery because workers won’t skills to work this new machinery.