The Changing Focus Of Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic products have seen a huge rise in their popularity and subsequent use over the last few decades. As a result, more of these products were produced, and a large focus on their manufacture was put upon Electronic Manufacturing Services.

During this time, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Companies have focused on printed circuit board fabrication of electronic products, whilst leaving the system assembly to original equipment manufacturers.

EMS Companies have mostly left out anything outside the world of information processing and communications. However in recent years, EMS Companies have shifted production to low-cost geographies; embraced non-traditional industries including consumer electronics, industrial and medical and instrumentation.

EMS Companies have also started to provide design services used in conceptual product development advice and mechanical, electrical and software design assistance. Testing services perform in-circuit, functional, environmental, agency compliance, and analytical laboratory testing.

EMS Companies are located throughout the world, varying in terms of production capabilities and compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.