The Basics of Laser Marking

One of the greatest inventions possibly of all time is laser marking. This is simply using a laser to make markings on different objects and materials that can provide a purpose. One of the most commonly used lasers for making these markings is a fibre laser.

What Can A Fibre Laser Be Used For?
Fibre lasers can be used to make markings on many different objects for many different reasons. Some of these include:

Engraving Diamonds
A Fibre laser can be used to engrave the most precious of jewels, that being diamonds. This is important as it means real diamonds can be engraved with markings that make them different from the rest and easy to identify. This also means that you can potentially have a diamond engraved for a loved one for a sentimental gift.

Producing Barcodes
Fibre laser can be used to create barcodes on a wide variety of products. With the most common being cans of drink. The fibre laser is used to create unique barcodes on each product. This process is quicker and more effective than producing stickers that then need to be placed on the item.

Colour Marking
Surprisingly fibre lasers are not only used to engrave but can also be used to colour mark or change a variety of materials. The most common are different types of metals, with the fibre laser being able to colour change widely used metals to trick our eyes into thinking they are something else.

These are three of the main usages for fibre lasers. They are an amazing machine that is used mainly to create markings on different materials. They help to speed up the process making using them extremely cost-effective. While they do have an expensive initial cost, they will help with the running of any business that wishes to become more effective.