Solid Oak Flooring Alternatives

Have you ever thought that you’d love the look and feel of solid oak wood without having to spend an absolute fortune? Well, there are plenty of other options out there and we’re going to run through them in more detail.

Engineered Oak flooring

Engineered wood floor is probably the best option. It really does look and feel like real wood because that’s exactly what the top layer is, but the layers beneath the surface are engineered of various different woods that are cheaper, but do not warp or twist like real oak. You don’t need some bedding in time for them either and you don’t have to worry about the changing heat, moisture and overall atmosphere in your home. These are built o last and many of your guests will believe them to be solid oak even though they cost half if not a quarter of the price.

Laminate Wood Flooring

This does not contain wood at all, but it is wood effect, so you do get the look of wood at a glance. There are many laminate tiles that do look like wood but it will feel a lot more cushioned and just from walking on it you’ll know it’s wood effect, so this may not be the best option if you’re fancying soothing a bit more solid to the toe!


Okay so this one has absolutely no relation to solid oak, however, it is a good alternative should you wish to save money for your solid oak but have a cheap and comfy flooring option for the time being. Having carpets may grow on you, and you’ll be pleased to know there are so many different styles to choose from, as well as thicknesses, densities, fabrics and colours.


Stone tiles or blocks care a cool option if you want a floor type that’s hardwearing and traditional. There are plenty of people who opt for this type of flooring, but it tends to be just as if not more expensive than solid oak, so perhaps one of the other options is better for you if you want to decorate your traditional property on a small budget.


Rubber flooring may be great for gyms and garages, but it can also work well in your homes too. It’s a little industrial on the eye though styles are slowly developing, but if you just want to add flooring to a very basic utility area, this could be a fine option.

Whatever type of flooring you decide on, make sure you’re 100% happy before you part with any cash. Choose something that works well with the theme, character and style of your home, but also ask yourself whether it reflects your own unique identity. If you’re still really keen to go for solid oak flooring but don’t have the cash right now, bide your time and wait for the opportunity, this is a type of flooring that will last for decades, so don’t make any rushed decisions.