Manufacturing Cameras And Camera Design

Designing a camera is an intricate and specialized process. The Camera design is an essential part of the manufacturing process. Without an accurate design, a functioning camera can not be produced.

In order to create these designs, the design itself begins with a conceptualisation and evaluation of the product the potential market and the needs of the consumer for the proposed product. Designs begin at computer-aided design (CAD) work stations, where the product’s configuration and workings are drawn. The designer selects the materials, mechanics, electronics, and other features of design and construction, including interfaces with lenses, flash units, and other accessories.

The computer design is also tested by computer simulation. Designs that pass the computer program’s review are checked against the initial concept and marketing and performance goals. The camera may then be approved for production as a prototype. Manufacture of a prototype is needed to test actual performance and to prepare for mass production.