Learning about Santa’s real workshop

It was recently reported on in the media that China and its 600 factories produce 60% of all the decorations in the world. This is quite astonishing really, and when we say decorations, we mean items such as tinsel, stockings of every size, plastic Christmas trees in blue and yellow and fluorescent pink, plastic pine cones in gold and silver. So when you bring out the Christmas tree and the decorations next month, just have a quick look at the items, there’s a good chance they were manufactured in China, and often the machinery in these places is quite redundant, so it’s the nifty handwork of Chinese people that have created beautiful decorations. China will continue to dominate in this sector, and it’s no wonder why really, nobody can come close to making these decorations at such cheap prices, and it means brands in the UK can make a significant return on investment and not least profit!