Laser Cutter Safety

Laser cutters are an extremely dangerous piece of equipment. Today I am going to discuss with you some safety tips for laser cutters.

One of the most important things you should never do is leave the laser cutter unattended. This poses a massive safety risk. There should always be someone watching it incase a problem occurs.

Laser Cutters are also fire hazzards. You should make sure any frie safety ewuipment, such as fire extinguishers are kept near by incase a fire does occur.

Finally, you should always keep the laser cutter and area surrounding the laser cutter clear and tidy. Any debris can be a massive fire hazzard. Therefore keeping it clear helps to prevent this. Cleaning the lazer cutter should be the first thing you do before using and last thing you do after use.

Making sure you follow all of these rules will help to keep you all safe whilst using a laser cutter.