Jib Cranes – What are they used for?

So what are jib cranes, what are they commonly used for, how do they work, and what benefits will they bring to our workplace?

What Are Jib Cranes?
When it comes to creating an understanding, you want to start with the basics, this being what is a jib crane? Well, simply this is a large piece of machinery that is going to be used within a warehouse-style workplace. They are generally used to aid with lifting heavy items when other pieces of heavy lifting equipment cant help you out. Commonly they will be placed in a single area where one style of lifting is constantly taking place from one area to another. This is because it is not easy to move jib cranes around the workplace.

What Are They Used For?
As mentioned above, your jib crane is going to be most commonly used for lifting of heavy items from one place to another. This will tend to be a set place, where the crane can be safely secured into a single position. It is possible to move these around your workplace, but it is recommended that once installed, the crane should stay in the same position for as long as possible.

How Do They Work?
Another aspect you need to understand before investing in jib cranes for your workplace is simply how they work. This is fairly simple, they are powered by electricity, with a turning gear, chain and hook attached. These all work together to raise the items that need lifting, moving them along and lowering them into their new position.

There are a variety of jib cranes on the market. Some will move your items in a straight line similar to a conveyor belt above. Others will move them from side to side by moving the entire crane arm. How the moving aspect works depends on the type you decide to invest in. Some jib cranes can be manually powered, some electrically. Again this choice will be up to you and what is going to work best for your company.

What Benefits Will A Jib Crane Bring?
The final point before you make your investment, understanding some of the benefits they are going to bring.

The main benefit is going to be the increase in productivity you notice in your business. Where heavy lifting is challenging, it can slow down your workers and make everything more difficult. By investing in a jib crane, you will be increasing productivity by giving the workers the tools and machinery they need to complete the job quickly, effectively and most importantly safely.

You may also find that due to the increase in productivity, the amount of profit your business is able to make increases as well. Due to how effectively the workers are going to be able to work, you will be spending less paying them to complete the same tasks, as it will take them fewer hours. They will be able to get more done in their shift, giving you the chance to make a bigger income.