Illuminating Storage And Logistics Areas For Work Use

Storage and logistics spaces often make use of both indoor and outdoor areas. Because of their expansive area of operation, they can be difficult to illuminate using the standard lighting available from retailers. When this is the case a lighting designer is often employed so that a effective lighting system can be put in place, illuminating the area in a clear and consistent arrangement.

These areas can be especially difficult too, as shelving, machinery and other storage arrangements may be relocated or changed frequently. Transit zones between the outdoor and indoor areas are also hazard zones, and these must be clearly lit in order to remain as safe as possible.

During the daytime the lighting may be used in a different way. While the daylight will illuminate most areas, it may also create shadowed areas which aren’t adjusted to the contrasting light, making them difficult areas to see clearly. If this is the case, multi-directional and adaptable lighting should be used. Motion controlled systems may also be used depending on the situation and requirements of the space.