HPC Compressors The Improved-Performance Compressors

HPC compressors give comprehensive resolutions for the compressed air system with gears specially customized to be compatible with the compressor. HPC compressors are an energy saving and environmental friendly systems that are installed, maintained and commissioned in relation to the regulations of the industry. The compressors are specially designed to remove harmful substances that may contaminate. Such as oil, water or dirt in order to give out fresh air that meet the quality standards.

The compressors are fitted in with a number of special reason filters as well as purifiers which are present for the elimination of toxic gases.

Specifications of the Compressors

• Energy Saving
These devices have been made using energy-efficient 1:1 straight drive that tends to consume less energy, unlike the ones fitted with a tiny fast airends. This airend is controlled with no transmission loss that runs at a speed of almost 1500rp/m through coupling that is not maintained. These compressors discharge low air temperature and release huge pressures that range from 3.5 bar to 15 bar. The aim in the making was to ensure that these compressors deliver an average of 15 Bar which was not delivered by other conflicting compressors.

• High Pressure
The HPC compressors run at 15 Bar and this in turn enhance the presurising of 3 autoclaves which finish the process of windscreen lamination. The autoclave is made up of 3 parts, a PVB inter-layer, an inner glass and an outer glass. It is used for the application of pressure and heat to the product, getting rid of air remaining in the assembly as well as uniting the 3 parts together. One compressor is capable of running all the 3 autoclaves. However, it may result into longer cycle times that can be made by 2 operating compressors all performing together.

• Safeguarding the area’s Air
These compressors are made using a pressure reducing valve (PRV) that is fitted in the high pressure emitting system that is majorly in the pipework on top of the low-pressure systems. The compressor’ system has a regulator that is set to receive air at levels of 15 Bar and output the pressure at 7.5 Bar. The regulator is passed into a valve that is motorized, run by the typical built-in Sigma control and it automatically opens if whichever of the 2 tiny HPC compressors that compose the low-pressure system is removed.

• Budget Friendly
The compressors have been made in a way that they are tough to endure harsh conditions as well as save on billings. They have been customised to fit into different environments, according to the user’s requirements.

HPC compressors have been revolutionised to comfortably fit in domestic living as well as businesses and all in all, they have been tailored to save on costs and deliver the best in return. The air is perfectly purified and every contaminant is removed with a top class technology that uses less energy and wide pressures in order to work perfectly in cleansing the air and saving on electricity. You will save more with the HPC compressors and will be assured of a clean breathing air around you.