How do I know my work place is COVID 19 Secure?

As we all begin to head back out to work we are all feeling some degree of anxiety around covid19 and how safe our workplaces are.  The most important factor to remember is if you have any concerns these should be raised with a supervisor or management.  There are a few simple rules ALL workplaces have to put in place before they are deemed COVID safe.

All work places have to assess the risk and put measures in place to protect safe. For example, keeping employees 2meters apart as much as possible, provide signage of safe distances as a reminder to employees of the importance, avoid people working face to face.

If 2 meters cannot be obtained then one person should be assigned to each work area and shift patterns altered so that employees are working with the same staff to help control and limit social interactions.

Screens, face visors or masks should also be made available for employees use.