How can mimic panels improve safety in a large work environment

If you ask most people about mimic panels, they will simply give you a blank stare. Yet, most of us are very familiar with these systems, even if we don’t know what they are called. Quite simply, if you have seen the control panel for a fire alarm system, you have seen a mimic panel. In short, a mimic panel provides a geographical representation of a workplace, and embedded lamps indicate the present status of various sectors. Anyone looking at the board can instantly appraise the system condition.

A mimic panel usually contains:

  • A diagram (mimic) representing the system being monitored and controlled
  • Lamps or other indicators that show the location and status of sectors and equipment
  • Switches and other controls that allow operators to operate equipment remotely
  • Alarms and systems for logging faults and system changes

How do they Promote Workplace Safety?

Even in the modern age, mimic panels are still essential for large workplace safety. Unlike many computerised systems, the panels are connected to backup systems and continue to operate even when the power is down. Mimic boards are easy to see, even when visibility is restricted by smoke, dust, or darkness. Finally, they are relatively easy to understand, even for people without IT skills, and the systems are easy to install, maintain, and test. Mimic panels are used across a range of industries, including:

  • Electricity Switchgear: To indicate circuit status and highlight faults
  • Gas Installations: To help operators locate potential hazards
  • Railways and Transportation: To display the status of traffic lights and railway points
  • Security Systems: To signify where a security breach has happened
  • Fire Systems: To show which fire or smoke alarm has operated

Although computer representations of systems are important, there is something refreshingly old school about mimic panels. They offer a quiet reassurance and protect workers and equipment even when the power goes down.

Mimic panels offer a durable and reliable way to monitor a large workplace with insight into safety features required for each specific work environment. Mimic panels are able to pick up problems within the workplace early, they help to identify the area the problem is occurring and also allow for early actions to be taken to avoid any major incidents happening. The control panels are easy to use and clear to interpret, so training regarding the monitoring and use of such mimic panels is easy for the staffing team.

The durable mimic panels allow them to work in poor conditions, including high and low heat, water and smokey conditions. Meaning you can isolate the problematic area, evacuate the area and turn off the electric, water, gas and other supplies to the specific area.

Mimic panels are a fantastic investment for a large work place that handles high risk supplies, improving the safety for the employers and also the building itself. So there you have it, mimic panels can benefit your workplace in many ways, Installation and management of a mimic panel should be done by a professional to ensure optimum safety for the workplace.