Growth to the UK Manufacturing Industry

There has been a rise in the UK manufacturing industry recently due to the increase in output as a result of focuses on tobacco, beverages, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment and food.

The Office for National Statistics showcases an overall output growth of 1% but a growth of 3.8% for the UK since last year. Which in the stages of economic recovery is great for the UK industry. With all the economic turmoil in years past it is a great result that the UK industry is at a 2.5 year high with companies achieving top class results and good trading conditions.

A recent survey conducted by the British Cambers of Commerce resulted in the identification of 6 key components for the recovery of the UK manufacturing industry. One of which being the access to investment top companies to encourage more output and increase the favourable conditions for export. This is all part of George Osborne’s push to rebalance the UK economy.