Fairtrade Is The Best Way

When working within the manufacturing, supplying or retailing industry, we believe that you should be looking into providing clients and customers with Fairtrade products. Now, we know some of you may not fully understand what fairtrade is and why it is so important, so today we are going to share with you all we know about fairtrade.

What Is Fairtrade?
Fairtrade is essentially ensuring that everyone who works to produce a product is given an equal share of the products overall value and profit. Sometimes companies will pay those who supply resources, grow products, and make products in third world countries less than the people who are just selling the product on. This is not the way to go forward, so this is where fairtrade comes in. It ensures that every step of the chain from the growth of materials to the product being on the shelf in a local retail store is paid fairly.

Why Is Fairtrade Important?
We highly believe that Fairtrade is important as it will be helping these third world countries to progress. We should not be taking advantage of them as the work they do for us is extremely valuable. Without their help, a lot of products we all love to eat and use will not be available to us. So, it is only right that we offer them respect and pay them in a way that will help their country to progress into something amazing.

How Do You Know If Something Is Fairtrade?
To know if something is Fairtrade, you will need to look out for the Fairtrade logo. This will be displayed on the packaging somewhere as it is a high selling point. The logo is generally a black circle with a human drawing surrounded by a blue side and a green side.