All About Turntable Bearings

In this article, we are focusing on turntable bearings. Including what they are, how they work, what they are used for, and whether we would recommend them to you.

What Are They?

As the name would suggest, this is a type of bearing that offers a turning aspect. This feature tends to be a thin section ball bearing with four-point contact which works to supply you with the option of rotation. They can be seen being used in many different working aspects small and large, but we will go more into that later. For now, lets have a look into how exactly these types of bearings work.

How Do They Work?

Another aspect of any item you are going to want to understand is how exactly they work, with this type of bearing it is fairly simple. The four points of contact will attach to different areas of the product. This is then added to the ball bearing itself. The balls in the bearing are what enable it to rotate easily. The points of contact are what ensure the rotation is level and move the entire product in the same direction. With regards to how they work, unlike other bearings, they tend to touch the raceway at two separate points. This helps to maintain the turntable motion, whilst still ensuring nothing comes loose during use.

Now you have a basic understanding on how they work and complete the task, what can we actually see them being used for in our daily lives?

What Are They Used For?

Finally, you are going to want to understand what exactly your bearing can be used for. This type of bearing is used in many different circumstances, from small to large items. For example agricultural trailers, irrigation systems, and airport luggage carriers. Of course, you will also find these being used in smaller items that offer a similar process such as conveyor belts and more.

Would We Reccommend Turntable Bearings?

Now, let us offer our opinion on whether or not we would recommend these bearings. Ultimately, it comes down to what they are going to be used for, and the purpose they are going to have when you purchase them. If you are looking to create something with rotation, then of course turntable bearings are going to be one of the best options for you. However, if rotary is not a key aspect of your creation, there may be another type of bearing on the market that has more properties which would be beneficial for what you are trying to create. Of course, if you are simply replacing a bearing which has worn down and is no longer completing its main tasks effectively, you will want to replace this with the same or similar bearing to what was already there. So, if it is a turntable style, then you should replace this with one of the same, including size to ensure the product still works effectively after replacement.