3D printing in the food industry

3D printing is already changing the way we produce objects, but it’s also having a big effect in the food industry. 3D printing food is very popular and additive manufacturing has allowed for the creation of some pretty intricate treats.

You will have seen some of these designs already in lavish chocolate shops and high street stores, and this new technology really is a game changer in food production. 3D printing chocolate is extremely common now, and Choc Edge is the leading producer of 3D chocolate printers. You’d be amazed at the intricate shapes that can now be produced in seconds, and it really puts us humans to shame! Talented chocolatiers may be a bit dissapointed they’re no longer the best there is, however, they are learning to utilise this new technology and it has opened up a whole other league of possibilities. Keep your eyes peeled for fab, intricate chocolate creations this Easter.